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Congratulations to Apex-sponsored athlete Will Grace on his spectacular victory at IRONMAN UK 70.3!

With a remarkable finish time of 4 hours, 2 minutes, and 54 seconds, Will clinched the overall win in Bolton.

Bolton is infamous among triathletes for its grueling course, and despite changes this year focusing on Chorley New Road, the undulating and often hilly routes still posed a significant challenge.

Will entered the race with a strategic plan to stay near the front during the bike leg. His super-aerodynamic Apex Endurance suit, Apex Anarchy calf sleeves and KU bike, not only enhanced his speed but also conserved his energy.

This energy conservation paid off when Will transitioned to the run. He flew past the leaders, ultimately securing his triumphant win.


At APEX, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality and exceptional value. Will’s victory underscores the superior performance of our products. Our suits have been wind tunnel tested three times in recent months, and this win proves they outperform other products priced three times higher, no matter your level.

So whether its the difference between winning and losing or finishing and not finishing, APEX is for YOU.

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