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Formulated for all training and competition 5 hours+ in duration, where you need sustained energy delivery and help maintain muscle strength.


Advanced 4:1:1 scientifically formulated tri source energy with protein, L-Carnitine, BCAA, Beta Alanine and a higher electrolyte level for optimum hydration and performance during ultra distance training and competition.

At this low level of protein, gastric emptying is not slowed. The quick digestion and absorption of protein provides branched chain amino acids, which stops the muscle protein itself being burnt up for energy (overtraining). It also increases the insulin response, which drives the carbohydrate into the muscles. This blend can provide 24% - 28% greater increase in endurance than carbohydrate only drinks, and 57% greater than water alone. The addition of fructose as an energy source also adds to the amount of carbohydrates the body can absorb. The protein source is clear whey protein isolate hydrolysate. This avoids the problem of milkshake texture and reflux, and gives rapid release of intact amino acids.

The inclusion of L-Carnitine has also been found to increase endurance, and workout volume by delaying muscle fatigue, increasing oxygen uptake, and reducing lactic acid build-up. Moreover, carnitine can improve blood flow and plays a pivotal role in muscle protein balance, reducing post workout muscle soreness. L-carnitine also allows the body to burn more fat, save more glycogen, and ultimately boost stamina and endurance due to the metabolic process of using fat as a fuel source.

BCAA’s have been shown to contribute up to 10% of total energy during aerobic activity (i.e. running, cycling, swimming). BCAAs also work to prevent muscle breakdown during exercise, and when your glycogen stores run low, BCAAs are used for fuel.

Beta-alanine improves athletic performance by reducing fatigue, increasing endurance and boosting performance in high-intensity exercises. Beta-alanine is proven to be a supplement that effectively delays the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles

The 4:1:1 formula is made up of complex carbohydrate and protein formula plus L-Carnitine, BCAA & Beta Alanine...

  • Tri Carb Maltodextrin, dextrose and fructose for maximum carbohydrate delivery
  • Clear whey protein isolate to aid energy delivery and stop muscle catabolism
  • L-Carnitine to increase endurance and delay muscle fatigue
  • BCAAs to prevent muscle breakdown during exercise
  • Beta-alanine to reduce fatigue and buffer lactate in the muscles
  • Electrolytes to aid fluid regulation, muscle contractions and body PH levels.


  • Ideal for training and competition 5hrs+ in duration
  • 70.3 , IM, long and ultra distance triathlon specific
  • Advanced tri carb energy source with whey protein 4:1 matrix
  • Higher electrolyte level.
  • Added L-Carnitine to aid fat burning as an energy source
  • Added BCAA’s for energy and help stop muscle breakdown
  • Added Beta-alanine to reduce fatigue, increasing endurance and boosting performance, it can also help buffer lactic acid
  • Helps maintain and build lean muscle whilst training and racing
  • Isotonic with electrolytes
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • GMO free
  • Drug free


Nutritional Info

  • Serving suggestion : 40g-80g / 500ml water
  • Drink 500ml every 45-60 mins 1 scoop =30g
  • Adapt amount to your requirements, A general rule is to take on one gram of carbohydrate per kilo of bodyweight, per hour for a 70.3 event. This would equate to approximately 75 grams of carbohydrate per hour for a 75 kilo rider. For shorter and longer events adjust by 10% up or down.
Per 100g
Per 30g
ENERGY 1615kj 484kcal
ENERGY 484kj 145kcal
PROTEIN 19g 5.7g
- -
L-CARNITINE 1.33g 399mg
BCAA's 6.65g 2.66g
BETA ALANINE 4.29 1.29g
SODIUM 660mg 198mg
CALCIUM 92mg 27mg
MAGNESIUM 17mg 5.1mg
POTASIUM 197mg 59mg



Complex tri carbohydrate from corn starch (maltodextrin with dextrose equivalent 15 and fructose), whey protein isolate hydrolysate, L-Carnitine, BCAA's, Beta-Alanine, flavouring, dicalcium phosphate, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, colour (carmoisine).

Possible allergen in BOLD

Allergy Information: There are no nuts in this recipe and the product is packed in a nut-free environment, however we cannot guarantee that nuts are not handled by staff or visitors on the factory premises. No gluten containing ingredients are used in this product.

No Preservatives // No Colours // No Artificial Sweeteners // Natural Flavouring // Wheat-Free // Dairy-Free // Suitable for Vegans

All Edge products are independently analysed by UKAS accredited laboratories. Our products are free from genetically modified materials, meat products, stimulants, or any substance banned under IOC drugs testing rules.